Thursday, May 12, 2016

Book #1: The Mysterious Disappearance of Kate Alessandri

Next up is The Secret of Mirror Bay but I thought I'd address the other mystery on the table, which is why I've been missing for the past year.  You see, last year I was enormous with child and, eventually, the desire to do nothing but eat sour gummy worms and binge watch The X-Files for the tenth time overtook me.  I have kept up with my serialized Nancy Drew fiction (which you can find here, in The Sleuth: ) but have lacked the motivation since the baby was born to do much in the way of extracurricular writing.

When I became pregnant, I dreamed of a relaxing maternity leave that would involve me walking the baby down to a local cafe and writing while she quietly slept or cooed and played with toys.  Despite the fact that all parents warned me it wouldn't be that simple, I foolishly clung to the fantasy.  In reality, that scene plays out like this:
--Baby finally seems ready for a nap.  Let's get her dressed and ready to go in the stroller!  
--Oops, she just pooped all over everything.  Better change.
--You know, now it's getting a little chilly, I should bring her a sweater and hat.  
--Aw, man.  Those are in the dryer.  Guess I should wait a bit.
--Ok, dryer is done!  Let's go!
--Oh, wait.  She's fallen asleep on me and now I must sit motionless for the next hour and a half while my bladder slowly fills up...

You get the idea.  Now that I am back at work and have actual breaks that don't involve shoving food in my face while my 20 lb. child yelps and kicks me repeatedly in the boob, perhaps I can get back in the groove.  I will review all 56 books if it kills me!  After the Thirteenth Pearl, I will review my faves as I re-read them.  Now, bask in the glory that is my little girl detective :)